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Why Is Mineral Makeup Really Better

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bikini laseren Ave. Suite Austin, Florida – – evieevan mrs ..perez@evieevan News Release For Immediate ReleaseFOR MORE Content CONTACT February , Mrs . Perez, VP of Specials & Marketing michelle.perez@evieevan * Evie Evan Sends Devices to Troops in Afghanistan AUSTIN, Texas, February + Earlier this month, Evie Evan sent , of the company’s Soldier ScrubsTM to members of the military in Afghanistan.

Working with a charity, Solider Socks, Evie Evan was able to give you its low-water solution that will troops overseas. These rassemblement were part of specific Evie Evan CaresTM program, which looks for means to work with non-profit organizations. Supporting the military is a cause for near and dear for the hearts of the Evie Evan owners, Ivonne Ruggles and Michelle Perez. Michelle’s brother-in-law, Jeff Wells, dished up eight years in atmosphere Force and flew weren’t humanitarian missions around the field of. Jeff often told Ivonne and Michelle regarding skin care needs of this soldiers.

“We needed fairly required very very little water, as our group wanted to record our water when drinking. We of course needed packaging which was rugged and should probably hold up within our packs,” Jeff stated. “We are very excited to work on Solider Socks, to produce and package ones Soldier ScrubTM to produce them,” Ivonne said. “We were in a position to produce a product to fulfill the soldiers’ unique wants and needs.” Evie Evan plans to continue its marriage with Soldier Clothes and make more products to aid the troops. About Evie Evan Open as June , Evie Evan is a huge locally owned on top of that operated skin health care and cosmetics tiny that offers many different quality products so services for both males and females.

Its core principle is that healthy, beautiful skin should be enhanced by art of makeup as well as that’s skin care and as a consequence makeup are inseparable. The company is persuaded that maintaining healthful skin is required for a beautiful complexion, which can in which be enhanced together with skillful application relating to makeup. The emblem embraces the uniqueness of its leads and seeks to flourish the definition for beauty to embody different ranges with regards to colors, looks, ethnicities, and concerns. The corporation provides products utilizing highest quality ingredients, formulations, and element agents manufactured for the highest purity benchmarks.